Are You Complying with Data Destruction Best Practices?

Is your business complying with data destruction best practices? If so, you can count yourself better prepared that about 33 percent of American businesses.

ASIS Online shared some shocking statistics about digital data destruction in the United States. According to their findings, based on a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute in conjunction with Cintas, one third of companies in the United States do not follow any kind of data destruction standards. They have no policy relating to digital data destruction, and do not employ any kind of data destruction best practices.

Think of the Ramifications of Non-Compliance with Data Destruction Best Practices

Isn’t that shocking? DM Databases estimate that there are approximately 22 million active business in the United States (excluding inactive shell companies), so based on ASIS Online’s finding, there are more than seven million active companies in the United States that have no data wiping standards, no data destruction standards, and who do not utilize DOD hard drive destruction.

Worse, the two-thirds of companies who do have a data destruction policy still fail to make specific policies regarding ethical hard drive destruction. Nothing short of hard drive shredding will suffice to properly dispose of hard drives.

Yet despite their complete lack of data destruction best practices, these same companies are still handling confidential information every day. Financial information, personal contact details, medical records: your sensitive information is in the hands of companies who pay little regard to the importance of digital data destruction and DOD hard drive destruction.

Don’t Let Your Business Be Part of the ‘One Third’

Lack of compliance with data destruction best practices means that sensitive information is easily accessible to anyone with technical know-how and the desire to access confidential records.

Simple data deletion or erasure, or attempting to destroy hard drives with water, are all but useless. The data may appear to have disappeared, and the equipment may appear to be damaged, but the information is still readily accessible to anyone with some technical expertise.

Given the potential for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands, it is little wonder that more and more consumers are choosing companies that employ data destruction best practices. Requesting proof of NAID certification is a simple way of ensuring that the data destruction company you engage complies with current data wiping standards and makes use of DOD hard drive destruction.

Data Destruction Corporation are proudly NAID-certified and employ only world-class, professional-standard equipment. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with digital data destruction and on-site hard drive shredding.

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