Shredding Companies: Secure Document Destruction Without Chaos or Spot Fires


Have you seen Fun with Dick and Jane? It’s arguably one of Jim Carrey’s more underrated performances, while also being a hilarious example of document destruction gone horribly wrong and a bad indictment on shredding companies. Jim Carrey plays Dick, a middle management employee of a huge multinational company, Globodyne, whose stock falls rapidly – Enron-style – taking its employees’ pensions with it.

Dick, meanwhile, is promoted to Vice President of Communications immediately before the stock tumble is discovered by the public, making him the unwitting bearer of bad news and scapegoat for the company.

Immediately after the company’s nosediving stock prices are announced, there is a scene where mountains of paperwork are being shredded. From the looks of it, every piece of paper in the building needs to go, and every employee of the company is furiously shredding. The floor is awash with scraps of shredded paper; employees are frantically feeding paper into shredding machines; and a couple of small fires have even broken out. It’s the epitome of a disaster, with someone even attempting to steal Dick’s potted ficus in the process.


Shredding Without the Chaos

When you think of shredding companies, what kind of image pops into your mind? Is it an orderly process, or a disaster area like the scene from the 2005 Jim Carrey movie? Fortunately, professional shredding companies know what they’re doing. After all, they’re in the document destruction business so, like all record shredding companies, they know how to get the job done.

Have you thought about a mobile shredding service? Perhaps you were hesitant because you pictured your office becoming a disaster area – complete with a sea of shredded paper waste and small spot fires burning away. But fear not, because professional shredding companies are experts that know how to handle mountains of unwanted documents and other paperwork.

When you choose on site shredding, you’ll have the benefit of picking a time and day that suits your schedule and your business’s opening hours. Shredding companies know how to securely take care of your sensitive documents without making a mess or disrupting your business in any way, giving you the benefit of having your unwanted paperwork securely and conveniently destroyed without it ever leaving your place of business. On site shredding truly is the answer if you’re concerned about security or chain of control issues.

Why Do We Need Shredding Companies Anyway?

Now that we’ve established that there will be no spot fires or potted plant stealing when you choose a professional document destruction service, lets tackle the question as to why you need the services of professional shredding companies. Why not just throw your excess paperwork out, or let a recycling facility take care of it?

Two words: identity theft.

USA Today reported that identity theft hit an all-time high last year, with more than 15 million consumers being the victim of identity theft of some description in 2016, in the United States alone. Losses from identity theft-associated fraud came in at more than $16 billion for the year.

Those are some scary statistics. And what’s worse is that the majority of identity theft cases could have been avoided if proper document security measures were taken.

Put simple, identity thieves aren’t smarter than we are: they just think in different ways. While we see an old bank statement as trash that can easily be tossed directly into the waste paper basket, identity thieves see a valuable opportunity.

Possibly the only scenario worse than having a personal identity theft issue would be for your clients – or several of them – to have their personal information fall into the wrong hands, especially if it’s information that your business was in control of. American courts take breach of duty of care issues extremely seriously, and a class action lawsuit could all but destroy a business.

Enlisting the help of professional shredding companies is a simple way of alleviating any risk associated with potential identity theft, while satisfying your duties to your clients to maintain the security and integrity of their personal information and confidential documents.

And since we’ve established that record shredding companies, like all professionals at the top of their game, can take care of on site shredding without starting any fires or causing chaos at your place of business, there should be nothing stopping you from contacting us today to discuss secure document destruction today!


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